Programming of Milling Machines

Machining with high-tech machining strategies in the EXAPT CAM system

Convince yourself of the EXAPT drilling/milling technology. The right choice for a wide variety of requirements, both for single parts and for workpieces with a large number of machining operations, multi-sided machining and complex machining geometries.

Obtain production-ready NC data with minimal input effort by using automated solutions for machining sequences, material removal between blank and finished part, collision avoidance, tool and toolpath selection, traverse path optimizations and cutting value determinations.

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Automatic milling volume detection

It probably doesn't get any faster than this! With EXAPTsolid CAM software, you get all the milling volumes on your part at the push of a button. How does it work? EXAPT analyzes the volume between the blank and the finished part. The delta volumes found are combined into logical machining areas and provided to you as machining geometries. On top of the automatically generated machining geometries, you can simply apply one of the numerous high-tech machining strategies that are stored in the EXAPT CAM system, or you can use your own company-specific machining technologies that were previously stored in the system.

Automatic drilling detection

The automatic drilling detection in EXAPTsolid works in a similar way to the automatic milling volume detection. Here, the system analyzes the finished part and specifically searches for diameters or radii that have a center point. Objects found are grouped according to logical algorithms, for example the CAD signature and mathematical arrangement. When assigning the appropriate machining operation, the system then suggests only those operations that make it possible to generate this CAD signature. Of course, you can also use the company's own proven technologies here.

Drilling machining in a class of its own

Even in its standard delivery state, EXAPT offers a wide range of machining options in the field of drilling. Starting with normal machining with drilling into the solid, deep drilling cycles, various thread machining up to complex spindle operations. From the installation on we put you in the position to implement a variety of drilling operations.

But there is more!

You can achieve enormous programming savings potential with the EXAPT Contec. Here we give you the possibility to store even highly complex bores, such as complex hydraulic bores, in only one machining object. EXAPTsolid is then able to link the recognized CAD signature to this machining operation. Countless tools and technology instructions are thus realized in just a few clicks. This not only saves programming time, but also standardizes your manufacturing processes, reduces the tooling effort and sensitizes your machine operators.

You need 3-5 axis simultaneous machining?

Then take a look here! We have the right tool for you.

Milling with intelligent software support

Finding the right milling operation for your application is usually not always easy. With EXAPT it is. EXAPT analyzes the detected milling volumes and suggests from a variety of machining strategies the one that suits your machining best. Of course, you can also store your own strategies and make them available to your entire team. Even if you do not have a workpiece blank, EXAPT is able to generate your toolpaths on contours. Simply use the model contour or access the CAD functionalities that are stored in EXAPTsolid.

Adaptive Milling cycles for highest performance

Get everything out of your machines and optimize your machining times and tool costs. Rely on adaptive milling operations in EXAPTsolid in the future. The concept and the idea are simple and ingenious. By ensuring a machining volume that is as constant as possible and intelligently adapting path and speed planning in EXAPTsolid, faster and higher quality machining is made possible.

Machine room monitoring

See what happens before something happens!

With the EXAPT machine simulation you get a real digital twin of your machine and your created program environment. Simulate your programs and see in advance nicely possible interference limits, such as collision or end position overruns. Our experts create every machine kinematics from scratch for you and coordinate the behavior of postprocessor and machine kinematics together with you. Thus you are on the safe side to have considered exactly your concerns and not to have to rely on software from the drawer. With this situation you are able to look at your processes exactly and to evaluate them before the program goes on the machine. Your processes will be improved enormously and your workflow will not come to a standstill due to unplanned machine downtimes caused by program changes or costly repairs due to collisions.

Machine simulation Hermle C20

Machine simulation Heller

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