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With EXAPT you realize Industry 4.0

High-Performance for your production

EXAPT stands for high-­tech solutions in the field of CAM systems, tool­management, tool lifecycle management, manufacturing data­organization and operating equipment­organization.

We are the system house and your partner for digitizing the entire NC process chain in your mechanical production.

The CAM systems EXAPTplus and EXAPTsolid provide a fast programming environment and offer lean and reliable NC blocks even for complex components. State-of-the-art machining strategies ensure more productivity for your machine tools and longer tool life.
Our individual postprocessors and machine models, together with continuous collision checking, ensure absolute safety during CAM programming.

Our central database system EXAPTcontrol takes care of your operating resource and production data. This means, that you always have a complete overview of your production orders and the components required and available for them.
In the field of operating resources, EXAPTcontrol does not only represent cutting tools. You can digitally record all types of equipment. Measuring & test equipment and devices can also be managed professionally. If desired, also with RFID technology for digital equipment identification.

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Industry 4.0 starts in your production with the SmartFactory and the know-how of EXAPT

We also digitally control and monitor complex workflows and warehouse management for you. With EXAPT, you network all stations of your mechanical production.

All relevant information and data flow to the right place at the right time, from work preparation to stock, the output of operating materials, tool presetting, and the machine tool. The whole process is paperless, traceable and transparent via a central database system.

Our automatic order & setup optimization ensures even more efficiency. EXAPT automatically generates the optimal production sequence for your shopfloor from the order queue of your ERP system and thus actively reduces your machine downtimes. The setup optimization automatically calculates the tool waste across multiple production orders in the background. The result is a reduced net tool list that contains only the tools to be changed per order. In this way, you only make the most necessary tool changes and increase the productive operating time of your machines.

Throughout the entire shopfloor, our EXAPTsmartcontrol web client ensures smooth communication between all those involved in the manufacturing process. Browser-supported, it can be used easily and quickly on many end devices and provides a quick insight into the pending production orders and the associated information. Thanks to versatile functions such as "Request replacement tool or optimized NC program", EXAPTsmartcontrol is equally popular with employees at the machine tools.

Complex and yet so simple - all modules are based on the same platform and can be easily scaled and linked together to form an all-encompassing process chain. Our consulting team will be happy to support you with individual process optimizations and a variety of interfaces in the realization of your digital manufacturing.

Many customers worldwide are enthusiastic about our CAM systems and our tool management and appreciate our long market experience of more than 50 years.

Become a part of EXAPT and let our experts advise you on topics such as CAM systems, machine simulation, postprocessors, tool management, manufacturing data management, stock management, equipment identification, order & setup optimization and digital shopfloor.

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