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EXAPT Tool Lifecycle Management (EXAPTLM) is one of the most powerful EXAPT software modules. With this tool you control, organize, monitor and plan your complete production orders as well as the entire operating resources cycle. This solution closes the gap of digitalization between ERP system and machine tool. In this way, you increase efficiency in the organization of operating resources and tools and can optimize production according to your needs at any time. As a result, you measurably reduce the provisioning effort and tool investments. At the same time, you achieve a noticeable increase in your machine utilization.

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Whether single machines, production islands or multi-site manufacturing - the integration and networking of EXAPTLM in your production is flexible and scalable. After successful implementation, you work on the basis of your production orders, which are either transferred from your ERP or MES system or entered manually into the TLM system. All tools and tool components are recorded and managed in the central EXAPT database. Thus, EXAPT's Tool Lifecycle Management provides you with absolute transparency and traceability for all employees involved in the process and thus offers enormous time savings.

As soon as your machines, setting devices, bearings and manual bearings are integrated in the system, they are digitally supplied with your production orders. The planning horizon can be viewed and adjusted by authorized users at any time. Stored tool lists for the respective orders form the corresponding gross requirements for your operating resources.

Now, depending on the system, sequence optimizations of the machines or machine groups can be carried out. EXAPTLM automatically checks which tools are where and checks which of the required operating resources are already on the machine from previous orders. These are taken into account when compiling the setup tool list. This saves enormous setup costs. Likewise, EXAPT's Tool Lifecycle Management can check the availability of clamping elements and material to be machined and thus automatically determines an optimal setup sequence.

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Tobias Hermanns-Krott
Tobias Hermanns-Krott
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Milan Blagojevic
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