Operating Resource Management

All information centrally in one database

Operating resources always ready for use

Along with machine tools and employees, operating resources have one of the highest cost blocks in manufacturing companies. Therefore, it is necessary to give high attention to these consumables. With the EXAPT operating resources management you have the status at any time

and the values of all individual components at a glance. This makes it child's play for you to manage all types of operating resources, thus ensuring constant optimization of your process flows and the corresponding cost centers.

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Experience tool management from basic to high end


Flexibly manage all types of tools: individual components, complete tools, hand tools or fixtures. Your CAM system is supplied with a wide range of information content, such as technology data and 3D tool models, which are required for simulation in your CAM system. All parameters, affiliations and even stock data are stored for you in the central EXAPT database and made available to the entire manufacturing process.

The intelligent EXAP technology also ensures smooth and interlocking work steps and processes in the background, e.g. in the areas of ordering, provisioning, storage, etc. The standardized interfaces to tool data and suppliers actively support you, not only during the initial filling of your database, but also during the ongoing production process.

Tools under control at all times!

The provision of tool data is an important and growing process in modern production. Because only valid data lead to highly precise manufacturing results. The EXAPT tool design module supports you in generating this data. State-of-the-art algorithms ensure a fast and intuitive tool assembly as well as the automatic generation of precise 3D tool models.

Measuring & Testing Equipment

Absolute precision is demanded of you every day. To meet this challenge, professional quality management of measuring and test equipment is indispensable. To ensure that measurements deliver exact and error-free results, this special equipment must also be exact and error-free. With its measuring and test equipment management, EXAPTcontrol offers a system that provides simple and clear information about the inventory, status and storage location of these components.

In addition to the management of measuring equipment, the required test plans can also be generated in EXAPTcontrol. Simply compile an inspection plan with the help of stored modules or individually according to your requirements. EXAPTcontrol always informs you in time about the current status of individual measuring and test equipment. This way, you digitize your quality management and are prepared for any kind of certification.

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