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Use valuable sources of information from your databases in the areas of CAM systems, tool management, equipment and production data

Launched eleven years ago, Industrie 4.0 is intended to interlink industrial production with modern information and communication technology. The technical basis for this are intelligent and digitally networked systems. With their help, largely self-organized production becomes possible: people, machines, plants, logistics and products communicate and cooperate directly with each other in Industry 4.0. Through networking, it should be possible to optimize not just one production step, but an entire value chain.

Despite this clear definition, there is plenty of room for interpretation. Digitization is often in the foreground in discussions: It should be paperless, standardized, networked, fast and seamless. There are many systems and software solutions for this approach - unfortunately often as isolated solutions that lack the necessary consistency. Missing standards make the task even more complicated. The figures from Bitkom from 2018 confirm this: 58% of companies see themselves as "digital laggards" and 27% of managers feel overwhelmed when it comes to digitization.


We want to understand you...

  • What does your digital agenda look like?

  • Is this actively implemented by your organization?

  • How do you strategically plan the next 3-5 years?

  • Which milestones does your digital agenda contain?

  • Do you do everything on your own?

  • What gaps are currently known?

  • How are your success factors defined?

  • What influence does your digital agenda have on your customers?

  • Does your digital agenda create new business areas?

Where do you currently see challenges?...

Create your Digital Twin

Let's get started!

Together with our experts, you will quickly reach your goal - digital production is within reach with EXAPT. Our consulting team develops digital, comprehensible processes from your daily work steps.

Your result at a glance:

  • Fixed and common rules

  • Transparent and traceable processes

  • Accelerated steps

  • No media breaks

  • Reliable data

  • Evaluable information

  • Flexible for the future

The key to success

  • Define goals

  • Consider production strategy

  • Identify cost items

  • Plan organizational requirements

  • Build Material Group Management

  • Plan change process

  • Set evaluation criteria

  • Systematic to a holistic system

And that's how we do it...

11 steps for your digital agenda

  • Workshop for the actual analysis & goal definition

  • Kreation Soll-Proposal for Process Optimization

  • Support in specification preparation

  • Selection of suitable, necessary system providers

  • Specifications - Creation & Finalization

  • Project plan - creation, coordination & finalization

  • Determination of the respective project manager

  • KickOff Meeting with all involved

  • Realization according to project plan

  • Regular reviews & status reviews

  • Celebrate success together

Design your Digital Agenda with EXAPT.

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Tobias Hermanns-Krott
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Milan Blagojevic
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