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All processes securely and transparently at a glance - Direct access to all tool data and operating resources - Fast access to relevant production data - Mobile on the digital store floor - A completely networked SmartFactory - Everything from a single source. Only EXAPT can do that!

If you are looking for solutions to increase profitability, there is no getting around the digitization of manufacturing processes. However, it is usually difficult to get started because digitization is not part of the core business of most companies. So it's good to have a partner you can rely on. In addition to state-of-the-art software solutions for tool management, equipment identification, production data management, order planning with machine setup optimization, DNC and digital store floor, EXAPT also offers you a consulting team with a professional concept to solve the issue of "digitalization, but how?". We offer you not only software but solutions and design your SmartFactory from a single source.

Digitize, yes! But how?

You want to make your production more economical and digitize processes! But you don't know where to start! Then talk to our consulting experts

All solutions with a central database

Production data management

EXAPTcontrol manages all manufacturing-relevant data of the metal-cutting production and the most diverse types of operating equipment in a central database. The performance spectrum ranges from administration and planning to communication between storage systems, setting devices and machines. Continue here!

Operating resources management

Flexibly manage all types of tools:
Individual components, complete tools, hand tools or fixtures. Your CAM system is supplied with a wide range of information content, such as technology data and 3D tool models, which are required for simulation in your CAM system. All parameters, affiliations and even stock data are stored for you in the central EXAPT database and made available to the entire manufacturing process.
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Equipment identification

In most production companies, several hundred tools and operating resources are used every day. They pass through various stations and process steps during assembly, disassembly and optimization. Each of these individual steps generates valuable information and data. Starting with identification data, through technology and application data, to warehouse and procurement information. To help you maintain an overview, we make your tools smart. By combining RTEC RFID from proTEC-Vision and our EXAPTchipreader you realize a completely transparent tool data identification. Click here to continue!

Mobil digital Shopfloor

EXAPTsmartcontrol is a browser-based web client that has been specially designed for use in a workshop environment and adapted to the requirements there. The system has an intuitive operation and thus noticeably easily creates the necessary clarity over your data. EXAPTsmartcontrol is touch-enabled and can be used on desktop or mobile devices with Windows operating systems without additional local installation. Click here to continue!

Order planning and setup optimization

EXAPToollifecyclemanager (EXAPTLM) is one of the most powerful EXAPT software modules. With this tool you control, organize, monitor and plan your complete production orders as well as the entire operating resources cycle. This solution closes the gap of digitalization between ERP system and machine tool. In this way, you increase the efficiency in the organization of operating resources and tools and can optimize production according to your needs at any time.
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