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To achieve a fast, comprehensive and profitable use of the system investment EXAPT offers in the spirit of the partnership with the users accompanying support from consultan-cy to project planning, system service and especially to practical CAD/CAM training.

EXAPT ensures the fast, safe, efficient, prac-tical and intelligent use of the entire EXAPT system range. Thereby the target-oriented EXAPT courses are of high importance for the fast introduction to system use, no matter whether for beginners, advanced users or experts.

The courses in the EXAPT training center in Aachen enable to concentrate on a fast quali-fication without day-to-day business. Stand-ard courses with fixed dates can be booked with respective preliminary planning. But also company or person-tailored courses can take place in Aachen.

If a business and workplace-related training is requested also workshops at the user on site can be arranged. Hereby specific applica-tion characteristics are regarded, which arise from the production, the tool range, the used machines, the organizational processes, the available equipment and the like.

This EXAPT offers a broad range of offers for the qualification oriented at the respective needs of the customers. For further details please have a look to the current EXAPT course plan.

The standard EXAPT courses are in German language!
If you want to order an EXAPT course in English language, please contact us.