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Professional advice for perfect results

Professional consulting has a name - EXAPT P.U.M.A.

Together with our experts, you will quickly reach your goal - digital manufacturing is within reach with EXAPT.
Our consulting team develops digital, traceable and productive processes from your everyday work steps.

Looking at all manufacturing companies, it quickly becomes clear that it couldn't be more complex or more individual to digitalize production across the board. The perfect product that makes everyone happy does not exist.

However, there is the possibility for every company to achieve its own goal with suitable measures, the right steps, the necessary software solutions & interfaces and motivated people.

For this purpose we have developed our unerring and holistic consulting method EXAPT P.U.M.A.. In it we bundle our know-how from countless projects and more than 50 years of market experience.

Complex and yet so simple - in just 4 steps, divided into 2 phases, we guide you and your team through the discovery process to the completion of your tailored master plan for the digitization of your manufacturing environment.

Digitale Fertigung - EXAPT P.U.M.A.

Let's do it!

Together with our experts, you will quickly reach your goal - digital manufacturing is within reach with EXAPT.

Our consulting team develops digital, traceable processes from your everyday work steps.

Your result at a glance:

  • Fixed and unified rules and regulations
  • Transparent and traceable processes
  • Accelerated work steps
  • No media discontinuity
  • Reliable data
  • Evaluable information
  • Flexible and future-proof

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Tobias Hermanns-Krott
Tobias Hermanns-Krott
Milan Blagojevic
Milan Blagojevic
Ricardo Letzian

Get everything out of your EXAPTcam system

"CAM programming needs to become more efficient and we need one standard for all!"
Easily said! ...but how? - The best way is with the professionals from EXAPT.

Get the most out of your EXAPcam programming system together with our experts and benefit from reduced programming times, lean NC sets and optimized process flows.
The more efficiently your CAM programming works, the more agile your entire metal-cutting production area becomes, while simultaneously relaxing the cost center in work preparation.
No matter if EXAPTplus or EXAPTsolid, if beginner or "old hand", EXAPTcam Consulting will bring you further in any case. Together with your users, we take a detailed look at your current programming steps and procedures. We compare these with our know-how and the currently available functions, garnish the whole thing with a pinch of creativity and show you your possible future optimization potential.
For this purpose, we have put together a service package for you. Thus, the scope of services is clearly defined. We know what needs to be done, and you know what you get.

Digitale Fertigung - EXAPT P.U.M.A.

EXAPTcam Consulting - fixed price 4.950 €*

Shift up a gear and make your CAM programmers happy. Book your individual EXAPTcam Consulting now and benefit soon from reduced programming times and lean NC sets.

*all conditions are net plus VAT.


Your result at a glance:

  • 2 days ACTUAL analysis of the current CAM programming
  • 2 days documentation of the results and
    Development of optimization proposals
  • 1 day preparation of the result report including step-by-step plan
    and results table for implementation

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