EXAPT Company

The original from Aachen - since more than 50 years

CAM systems, tool management, tool lifecycle management, production data management, manufacturing data management - everything from a single source

For nearly 50 years EXAPT delivers worldwide solutions for the NC production as an independent system supplier and service provider of the production industry.

EXAPT represents CAM-systems and 3D-CAD/CAM software solutions - from design to production - and offers its customers software for NC-planning, production-data and toolmanagement.

The extensive EXAPT technology with the emphases turning, drilling and milling enables an efficient programming solution for complex workpiece requirements with up to 5-axis simultaneous machining.
Realistic machine simulations with dynamic display of the material removal and machine simulation with collision-check supports an efficient and error free NC-programming.

Integrated production data management with practical connection to ERP/PLM guarantee an optimal workflow over the entire planning process.

The EXAPT toolmanagement ensures that the resources available for production are available as needed and systematically during planning.

A broad, application-oriented product range, continuous development as well as market- and value-oriented strategic development coordination in a large customer base characterize the success of EXAPT.

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About Us

EXAPT - Experiences and competence

EXAPT was founded in 1967 to rise to the outstanding challenges of NC technique.

The future-oriented EXAPT-product and service program constantly grows and contributes for many years to profitable NC manufacturing. Customers of most different lines of business home and abroad appreciate the continuousness of EXAPT-products. The many years of practice experience ensure optimal introduction, installation and support of CAD/CAM systems.

The machine-, tool- and process-technical developments for manufacturing have furthermore a high dynamic. EXAPT-system solutions are continuously adapted to the latest state of technique.

The direct cooperation with all EXAPT-users enables market- and surplus value-oriented system development and creates investment-safe solutions for a lucrative NC manufacturing.

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The Team

Our mission statement


Together and with highest quality we are trendsetter of the digital production evolution.

Our customers, partners and we work hand in hand as team.

Highest quality
We create error-free software and provide highest safety and top consultation with outstanding technical competence.

We are technology leader of the digital production and play a pioneering role in its evolution.


With our services and reliable and user-friendly products we set high standards of innovation and accompany our customers consistently on their way to excellence.

We support our customers with profound and professionel, specialized and technical consultancy.

Reliable and user-friendly products
Our products are accurate and stable, easy to understand and simple to use.

Standards of innovation
For our clients and competitors we set the bar for the use of possibilities arising from new technologies and application fields.

We guide customers on their way to excellency
We are partner of our customers and support them in close and cooperative collaboration at eye level in implementing and using innovations.


Stay human and take social responsibility.
We take care to family situation, social engagement and the strengths and particular needs of our staff.

Work together in a friendly manner!
We maintain an open and friendly contact with our colleagues, are cooperative and act as unit.

Be innovative and set trends!
We shape our markets by early recognition of imminent research trends and production requirements of our customers.

Act consequently from initiation to finalizing!
We always act regarding current and future requirements of our customers, products and staff and of our company.

Individual responsibility
Work independently!
We have the right and the duty to act inde-pendently and are responsible to adjust our task fulfilment according to our vision and mission.

Deal with the company structures!
We create necessary structures and comply with them. We continuously question existing statements by constructive suggestions for improvement and set efficient standards.

Customer orientation
Create enthusiasm about quality!
We inspire our customers by partnership-based and binding handling and convincing added values.

The EXAPT Association

The origin of the EXAPT universe is the EXAPT Association. It was founded in 1967 and has had the goal of promoting, expanding and improving the EXAPT system for more than 50 years.
As a customer of EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH, you have the opportunity to become a member of the EXAPT Association.
You will benefit from this membership on several levels:

  • You become an active part of the EXAPT family, participate in regular events and help shape the future of the EXAPT system with your participation and voting rights.
  • The EXAPT Association brings its members together for general meetings and working groups. This is an opportunity for you to exchange ideas with other industry professionals in order to optimize your production even further.
  • The EXAPT Association is well networked and has a hot line to research institutions and universities. This gives you first-hand access to research results in mechanical manufacturing.
  • Members of the association receive special conditions on EXAPT software licenses, services, training and software maintenance contracts.

More Informations

Further details and background of the EXAPT association