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In the view of many users, EXAPT turning technology is the best programming software when it comes to generating NC programs for lathes quickly, highly flexibly and with the latest cutting technologies.

No matter if you have a simple lathe, a vertical lathe with various aggregates or a highly complex double spindle lathe with several turrets and milling axes. With EXAPT CAM software, you can master them all.

You too can benefit from the power of EXAPT turning technology. With a minimum of input, you can easily and quickly achieve production-ready results with this expansion stage.

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No matter if you want to rough your part plane, longitudinal or contour parallel, with EXAPT this is possible with only a few clicks. Simply select a tool from the integrated tool management, define the start and end point of the area to be rough and EXAPT automatically generates all toolpaths. Based on this result, you can now make fine adjustments. The intelligent menu navigation allows you to make almost any adjustment. For example, cut distributions can be changed or even entire areas can be blocked for roughing. By a short recalculation of the adjustments, EXAPT generates the new toolpaths again fully automatically, taking your configuration into account.


With EXAPT Turning Technology Finishing you give your component the final finish. Choose from different surface finishes how you want the final result to be after finishing. EXAPT generates the optimal paths for you here as well. But there are also intervention options during finishing. Define certain areas for measuring cuts or determine yourself from which direction and angle the tool should come. With a few mouse clicks, the programmer generates a dynamic swivel with the B axis. Thus, almost any area on the component can be reached or a better cutting force distribution can be secured.


EXAPT drilling/milling technology is of course also available for all lathes. This technology allows you to exploit the full potential of your turning/machining center. Automatic hole detection immediately identifies all holes located on the part at the touch of a button and lists them according to logical machining groups. You can master simple slot milling with various plunging strategies just as well as complex free-form surfaces. Highly efficient volume machining in the area of HPC and HSC milling are also available in the EXAPT CAM system. Thus, the machining of large volumes is implemented in the shortest possible time. Of course, this is all done in a way that is gentle on tools and machines. You can find more information in the milling section.

High Dynamic Turning with FreeTurn tools from CERATIZIT

The new turning Technology with EXAPT

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The programming of multi-spindle machines with several turrets and milling axes is nowadays standard for many of our customers. EXAPT offers the appropriate modules for this in the "EXAPT Professional" CAM system expansion stages. All machining strategies that you have used before can also be distributed there for the creation of NC programs. Program each spindle and each tool carrier individually and synchronize them later with the EXAPT holding marks. In this way, you exploit the full potential of your machine and thus increase the value chain.

Every turning and milling technology is rounded off with a perfect machine simulation. Especially with complex machines and machining sequences, the prior detailed simulation of the program is of great advantage. In this way, you can check before the component goes on the machine whether your machining was optimally selected and quickly incorporate change requests. You thus create the digital twin, which makes your processes even more controllable.

EXAPT offers the possibility of parameterized screw machining.

Completely without CAD model!

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