Perfect postprocessors developed for you and your machine

The most important interface between CAM system and machine tool

Postprocessors from EXAPT have always been among the most powerful on the market. EXAPT takes over the creation individually for your respective machine control - e.g. Sinumerik, Heidenhain, Fanuc, Okuma, Philips.

To the point - that's what you can expect from us:

  • Use of all functionalities of the processing machines
  • Loss-free transfer of CAM plans in the NC program
  • List output with accompanying information - setup sheet & time calculation
  • Implementation of standardized NC program structures
  • Ensuring the required flexibility in the run-in process
  • Optimized for all commercially available control types
  • Independent of machine or production strategy
  • Individual adaptations according to your requirements

EXAPTpostprocessors are available from us in four different categories for all machine types - lathes, drilling/milling machines, multitasking machines, gantry machines, etc.. The respective postprocessor category depends primarily on the equipment and functionality of the machine - number of axes, if necessary slides & spindles as well as aggregates. For maximum flexibility, EXAPT offers corresponding additional options for the individual categories.

Post-processor options for each category:

  • Output of organization data in the format of the PPORG interface for further
    processing in the EXAPTcontrol system for production data organization
  • Output of tool data available on the EXAPT-CLDATA as NC preload
    (correction switch loading tape, format specification by the customer required)
  • Zero point memory preload (format specification by customer required)
  • Output of thread milling, tapping, thread turning
  • NC block jump conditions, nesting and looping techniques
  • Workspace monitoring
  • Output of handling programs and transfer routines for multi-spindle machines
  • Measuring cycles

Of course, we also take care of collision control. However, at EXAPT this is already done on request in the EXAPT CAM systems. Therefore, this function is not necessary in the area of postprocessors. Personal consultation is always our top priority. Only in this way can your individual wishes be optimally realized directly during production. At the same time, we ensure for you that your manufacturing standards are mapped and maintained by the EXAPT postprocessor.

Of course, we also enable you to edit or create your postprocessors independently. For this purpose, EXAPT offers you an expert seminar in which the know-how of the EXAPTeasy PP system is imparted in detail. By the way - EXAPT also creates the corresponding kinematics for perfect machine simulations on request.

Our individually designed machine models provide additional safety in the EXAPT CAM systems and absolute smoothness on the shopfloor. EXAPT postprocessors and EXAPT machine simulations thus form an unbeatable team. Are you currently planning to purchase new machines or have your machinery overhauled? Do not hesitate to contact us on the subject of postprocessors and/or machine simulation - we are only a phone call away.

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