Machine Simulation

Bring your machine to life digitally

Absolute safety through perfect machine simulation

The topic of digital twins is on everyone's lips!
To ensure an error-free process, the simulation of the CAM program including the machine model is indispensable.

EXAPT creates a kinematic model for you based on the respective CAD machine model. This allows you to check and optimize your CAM programs realistically before the actual program run. Collision checking of all machine components, as well as clamping devices and parts, is of course just as much a part of the standard as checking the axis limits and end positions. In other words, a true digital twin of your machine.

  • CAM-integrated machine simulation
  • Clear use in the familiar planning environment
  • Use of intermediate statuses for further processing
  • Consideration of the machine environment
  • Collision control in the entire machine room
  • Implementation of complex kinematics
  • Kinematic simulation
  • Mapping of all machine aggregates

With the EXAPT Simulation/view extension, you also reduce the setup and run-in times of your production. When setting up the machine, the operator has the option of simulating the planned machining sequence close to the machine. This is store floor management in a class of its own.

Digital twin of a Heller CP4000

Digital twin of a Hermle C20

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Experience how your machine comes to life digitally!

Tobias Hermanns-Krott
Tobias Hermanns-Krott
Milan Blagojevic
Milan Blagojevic
Ricardo Letzian