The Workout Programs for your production

EXAPT CAM-Systems - The Workout Programs for your production

First-Class Performance with excellent NC-Records

Whoever relies on CAM systems from EXAPT is accessing one of the most powerful CAM programming systems on the market. The enormous advantages of the hybrid CAM solution are only available from EXAPT. It allows you to use the latest machining strategies from turning, milling, turn-mill and 5-axis simultaneous directly on the 3D CAD model, up to automated programming through the use of parameters in the native programming language. You will quickly notice how these possibilities standardize your NC programs and thus reduce your programming time and machine setup times, as well as lower tooling costs.

What CAM programming do you need?


The all-round system for all CAM applications

With EXAPTplus you have a real all-rounder for your CAM programming. Thanks to the intuitive and interactive operation, you can easily program all common components from mechanical engineering.

No matter whether you want to program milling, turning, grinding or eroding machines. Even complex multi-channel machines, in which several tools perform milling or turning operations simultaneously on two spindles, are no longer a problem with EXAPTplus.

In addition to geometry transfer from a wide variety of formats, EXAPTplus also has its own geometry creation tool that allows you to design your own machining geometries in the shortest possible time. This means that even parts without digital formats, such as repair parts, are easy for you to machine. An absolute highlight is the language-based part program editor, which runs parallel to interactive programming. This enables you to get standardized sequences to the NC program in the shortest possible time. This way, many of our customers reduce their programming effort by up to 90 %.



The high-performer for NC programming

EXAPTsolid is one of the most powerful CAM systems on the market. The comprehensive selection of technologies, algorithms and machining strategies makes any type of programming a daily highlight. There are also no limits to the choice of machines to be programmed. Lathes with two spindles, two turrets and a milling spindle are just as much a part of everyday life as complex boring mills or portal milling machines with several parallel axes and countless additional units.

The CAM system for professionals - Reduce programming time and steps with fully automatic feature recognition. The 3D CAM system EXAPTsolid provides you with all production-relevant information from your 3D model at the push of a button. Bundled with modern machining objects such as the HPC and HSC milling strategy or 3-5 axis free-form surface machining, you get superlative NC blocks.

Of course, your programmers are always supported with the most modern machining strategies, which we develop together with various universities, machine manufacturers, tool suppliers and of course with our customers. An absolutely unique feature of EXAPTsolid is its technology database. With its help, you can store both simple and complicated machining strategies in a standardized way. These are then automatically linked to your geometries. This feature alone will reduce your programming time many times over. EXAPTsolid is a true professional CAM system that increases the productivity of your machine tools enormously and raises your "Way 2 Profit" to a new level.


EXAPTplus Highlights

  • Processing of IGES, DXF, NDI, BSPLINE, ME10 and SAT file formats
  • Tool & NC database ensures optimal organization
  • Interactive, language-based programming ensures the highest level of customization
  • Highest flexibility due to unique subroutine technology
  • Limitless for creating special solutions
  • Future-proof through high-end machining strategies
  • Absolute accuracy through automatic adaptation of nominal dimensions to tolerance dimensions
  • The system for complex multi-channel machines
  • Machine-oriented CAM programming system with high-end simulation

EXAPTsolid Highlights

  • Versatile processing of file formats in top quality
    e.g. STEP, Parasolid, CATIA, ProE/Creo, Inventor, SolidEdge and many more
  • Automatic tool path generation
  • High-end volume machining up to 5-axis simultaneous
  • 3-5 axis simultaneous machining
  • Multi-channel lathe programming
  • Modern machining strategies (HPC, HSC, etc.)
  • Continuous change programming
  • Continuous material removal as well as blank updating
  • Intelligent knowledge database for standardized programming
  • Machine-oriented CAM programming system with high-end simulation

EXAPTcam brochure

Further details can be found in our EXAPTcam brochure!

Programmierung einer Heller CP4000 mit EXAPTsolid

Tobias Hermanns-Krott
Tobias Hermanns-Krott
Milan Blagojevic
Milan Blagojevic
Ricardo Letzian