CAD Data Import

Maximum system consistency from design to finished component

EXAPT and SolidWorks

EXAPTsolid is one of the most powerful CAM systems on the market. Besides the implemented high-end CAM technology, EXAPT users benefit from the seamless integration of EXAPTsolid into the CAD system SolidWorks.

The uniform interface allows users to communicate directly with the design department in one language and to incorporate models and their modifications directly into programming and thus into manufacturing. This not only reduces media breaks in your company, but also automatically sets standards. Thus, you increase the efficiency of your production enormously.

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But not only SolidWorks users benefit from this integration. Because by using SolidWorks in your CAM programming with EXAPTsolid, all common CAD formats can be imported and processed. In addition, the system supports the import of CAD native data from all well-known CAD manufacturers. This optimizes the information flow in your company even with different CAD systems.

Native CAD Data import

  • Siemens NX
  • Catia V5
  • Creo/ProE
  • SolidEdge
  • Inventor
  • JT

Neutral CAD data import & export

  • Step
  • Iges
  • DXF
  • STL
  • TIFF

Due to the native CAD data transfer from external systems, the reaction time of the CAM programmers in case of component changes is reduced to a minimum. In most cases, a recalculation of the CAM program is sufficient to create a new NC block for the CNC machine. This gives the competitive edge in many situations. Especially when you have to react quickly and easily to sudden change requests from your customers.

Another advantage of integrating SolidWorks into EXAPTsolid is the full functionality of a CAD system. This makes it child's play to create and assemble fixtures or clamping situations. But also sketches for setup operations can be implemented with the full range of functions of the SolidWorks OEM version.

Tobias Hermanns-Krott
Tobias Hermanns-Krott
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Milan Blagojevic
Ricardo Letzian