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EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH

ToolsUnited The tool library for EXAPT system

What is ToolsUnited?
With more than 800.000 tool components of more than 30 well-known tool manufacturers and suppliers ToolsUnited is the tool search machine and tool data source. The extensive volumes of data and the enormous data quality ensure that this tool information can versatile be used in your company. With the ToolsUnited interface fully integrated into the EXAPT database the tool management in your production becomes as easy as child's play.

For whom ToolsUnited is interesting?
NC programmers find application recommendations for the process optimization and 3D data for the simulation.
Tool managers find fitting tool holders for specified cutting bodies and vice versa.
Project managers can save data acquisition when implementing a tool management system.
Constructors receive an overview about the possibilities of standard tools.
Buyers receive an overview of the product range of leading manufacturers and the basic data for the procurement systems at the same time.

And that's the way it works!
With ToolsUnited you simply load the required tool data into the EXAPT database.
Two variants exist for that: Mass data access for the first filling or the individual data record request according to up-to-date requirements. In any case your database is only filled with the tool data you actually use.

What is imported?
ToolsUnited offers an enormous information depth.
For the EXAPT database the following information is provided:

  • geometry characteristics of the tool components
  • graphic 2D or 3D-CAD models, if available from the supplier or alternatively by the graphic generator of ToolsUnited
  • interfaces for the assembly of assembled tools
  • first filling of the EXAPT database

Simply load a list of the required tools via excel import into ToolsUnited. A tool cart with the according data records is generated automatically. Import it at the touch of a button completely into the EXAPT database. The tools are available now for the processing in EXAPT and therewith also for the EXAPT CAM or tool management system. Nothing to write off, nothing to get angry - ingenious!

Generate 3D graphics with own data
With the help of the 3D tool generator you can generated and update your 3D graphics from the EXAPT database. You can also supplement data records with self-maintained parameters with standardized graphics.

Should there be something missing?
It is true: ToolsUnited grows and grows, but something is always missing. If it has to do with more than a catalogue tool, if it has to do with niche providers or if a supplier is not listed (yet). What happens then?
The solution is ToolLink. This service is also coupled to the EXAPT database with ToolsUnited and offers the possibility to send dedicated requests concerning tool components or single parameters to the according tool manufacturer or supplier. In the dashboard you have an overview of your requests and the corresponding feedbacks at any time. And this naturally with an intuitive user interface.