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Feature Recognition

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Find out considerable potentials in NC programming by feature-based planning processes. The AFR technique (automatic feature recognition) usable with EXAPTsolid for the automatic recognition of defined machining objects simplifies the implementation process from the function-oriented workpiece to the manufacturing-oriented machining model.

With the analysis of the 3D-CAD model machining objects, e.g. drilling or pocket types, are identified separately for drilling and machining operations and stored automatically in the machining plan. For cases which are not covered by AFR technique the IFD technique (interactive feature definition) is available. The manufacturing-oriented processing of the features offers an increase in functionality.

With the extension EXAPTsolid color recognition you benefit from the possibility to deposit additional manufacturing information with the coloring of objects in the 3D-CAD model. EXAPTsolid recognizes the required feature via the machining object and the allocated coloring and assigns the right machining to it.

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