EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH
EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH

Stock Management

Perfect organized Stock Management

EXAPTstock&logistic manages different kinds of manufacturing resources in a three-step location description
(stock group, stock, stock location). The implementation of stocks can be configured flexibly and individually.
In this context manufacturing resources are all via object numbers recorded components (elements), assembly
components (partially assembled tools) and assembled tools. EXAPTstock&logistic supports furthermore the
chaotic stock location determination based on filling level and stock space.

Lagerverwaltung: EXAPTlager&logistik


  • Linkage of the output systems
  • Enhancement of the machine utilization
  • Avoidance of bottlenecks in the tool presetting
  • Automated order requirements
  • Reduction of the provision effort
  • Reduction of the set-up costs
  • High transparency concerning availability

Performance feature

  • Classification according to stock groups
  • Inventory management & monitoring (current, minimum and target inventory)
  • Single components, partially assembled and assembled tools
  • Fix and/or chaotic stock location determination
  • Interactive booking functions
  • Statistic analysis and evaluations (motions, consumptions, etc.)
  • Reservation of manufacturing resources
  • Support for processing procedures
  • Representation of the tool cycle
  • Automated and standardized order requirements to the ERP

Through the EXAPT interfaces to leading providers of storage systems such as KARDEX or Modula ensures seamless integration of these systems into the world of digital manufacturing at all times. The EXAPTsystem is also able to control the individual output compartments for your resources on an order-related basis. In this way, your employees receive only the components needed for the respective production process quickly, easily and without errors.

Another important milestone for your Digital Way 2 PROFIT in your production environment.
You have questions, or travel the need to integrate existing or newly planned storage systems in the digital world - do not hesitate, we are just a phone call away from you.