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EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH

Smart Factory

Additionally to its CAM systems EXAPT provides an own tool and technology platform as comprehensive and neutrally usable tool management system. Tool- and technology-data management is important, but not sufficient for an efficient process consistency.

The solution: An integrated production database to provide CAM systems with tool and technology data on the one hand and on the other hand combines the results of the CAM planning in an integrated data repository and provides them as specification for the production.

EXAPT defines toolmanagement not only as administration of cutting tools but also measuring, testing and clamping devices as well as devices and other manufacturing resources necessary for the production. All information is organized in different extension levels in a central client/server database, to provide them at the right time at the right place.

Decide for yourself which software solution is your favorite!

EXAPT Smart Factory

Production Planning

Absolute transparency and traceability in the work preparation process

Give your AV the EXAPT work preparation module.
From now on, your employees receive a complete overview of existing NC records with just a few clicks,
Resources and processes. In addition, the EXAPTsystem provides all necessary evaluations.
for the analysis and optimization of individual processes. Through this high transparency your production will be
more flexible and can react quickly to necessary improvements. All this, of course, in compliance with the latest standards.


Digital networking for modern NC programming

The time-consuming printing, sorting and transporting of manufacturing information has no place in industry 4.0. Use the special EXAPT module for NC programming to manage your NC programs digitally, quickly and easily with the associated part master data. In combination with the optimal handling of electronic equipment plans, clamping sketches including transfer of postprocessor results, you will achieve optimum results much faster in programming.
Paperless and without media breaks.

Equipment Design

Resources under control at all times!

The provision of resource data is an important and growing process in modern production. Because only valid
Data leads to high-precision manufacturing results. The EXAPT tool design module supports you in generating this data. State-of-the-art algorithms ensure fast and intuitive tool design as well as the automatic generation of precise 3D tool models.

Stock Management

Perfect stock organisation

EXAPTstock&logistic manages different kinds of manufacturing resources in a three-step location description
(stock group, stock, stock location). The implementation of stocks can be configured flexibly and individually.
In this context manufacturing resources are all via object numbers recorded components (elements), assembly
components (partially assembled tools) and assembled tools. EXAPTstock&logistic supports furthermore the
chaotic stock location determination based on filling level and stock space.

Tool Lifecycle Management

Tool Lifecycle Management in perfection

EXAPToollifecyclemanager (short EXAPTLM) isone of the most powerful EXAPT software modules. With this tool you control, organize, monitor and plan your entire production orders and the whole tool cycle. This solution closes the digitalization gap between ERP system and machine tool. So you enhance the economy in your tool organization and are able to optimize production according to your requirements anytime. The improved tool provision measurably reduces provision efforts and tool investments Simultaneously you achieve an appreciable
increase of your machine utilization.

Shopfloor Management

Don't forget the shopfloor

The basic system EXAPTshopfloor&DNC gives you an overview of all relevant information of your mechanical
production on shopfloor level. This module offers much more than the data exchange from and to your machine
tools. With the optionally available web client EXAPTsmartcontrol you additionally profit across different sites
and anytime from the absolute insight and transparency concerning your production-relevant data. This gives
you the necessary flexibility and security.