EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH
EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH

EXAPT SmartControl

The EXAPT SmartControl

The EXAPT SmartControl is a web-based tool which makes time-consuming installations void. All information needed in the shopfloor plane can be displayed and machined here.

From set-up sheet and tool list for the tool setter via the current inventory status for the tool setting and the purchase department to the order sequence optimization for the production manager can be operated here on one surface.

As one of the absolute highlights the simulations from the CAM system can be streamed directly via the server to the machine to remove last obscurities for operator and tool setter. Using this innovative technology in your company the consistency is increased enormously and the support costs are reduced to a minimum.

Further details can be found in our EXAPTcontrol brochure!