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EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH

EXAPT SmartControl

Don't forget shop floor management

The EXAPTshopfloor&DNC basic system provides you with a complete overview of all relevant information
of your mechanical production at shop floor level. This module offers much more than just data exchange.
from and to your machine tools. About the optionally available web client EXAPTsmartcontrol
you also enjoy absolute insight and transparency into your production-relevant data at all times and across all locations. This gives you the necessary flexibility and security in the entire shop floor management.


forms the basis for networking the EXAPT system with your machine tools. All the necessary Information such as NC programs, tool load lists, tool actual data, etc. is sent to the respective machine tools in real time. In addition, you benefit from the automated traceability of practice-relevant data and important findings, which are created in the shop floor. The EXAPTDNC also completely covers the integration of your tool presetting systems for you.



is a browser-based web client, which has been specially designed for use in a workshop environment and is tailored to the requirements of that environment. The system is intuitive to use and thus creates the necessary clarity of your data. EXAPTsmartcontrol is touch-enabled and can be used without additional local installation on desktop or mobile devices with Windows operating systems.
Production-relevant data, such as setup plans, tool lists, or simulations, can be entered at any point in your production can be inspected. At the same time, your employees can view important information such as technological influences or images about the EXAPTsmartcontrol into the database. This bidirectional exchange of know-how between the shop floor level and your production planning facilitates communication between the individual teams and simultaneously and continuously optimizes your production process. The scalable assignment of rights on user level as well as the integration of 3rd party systems into the web interface standardize your production and ensure a smooth and uncomplicated implementation phase of the EXAPT system.

Further details can be found in our EXAPTcontrol brochure!