EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH
EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH

Production data FDO

Paperless production

In many places production folders with drawings and machining plans are composed and added to an order. Often these folders are lost or lose their validity during production. Prevent this with EXAPTfdo and manage your entire production information in a central database. So you are always up-to-date and ensure that important production information are not lost.

Interfaces with ERP and MES systems enable a perfect data exchange. Transfer the production order data from the ERP system and forward production times to ERP and MES for the planning. Achieve with EXAPTfdo an optimum continuity and transparency in your production. Additionally you can combine EXAPTfdo with EXAPTbmo
to get an even better overview of your tool circulation

Further details can be found in our EXAPTcontrol brochure!