EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH
EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH

Manufacturing facilities BMO

Always know how, where, what

In case of new tasks at first occur the above-named well-known questions to find a solution. These question also always occur concerning tools. Where is the tool holder? How much inserts are available in the inventory? Which tools are at the machines? When is the next quality assurance for the measuring machines necessary? To answer these questions quick and reliable EXAPT offers EXAPTbmo.

Manage tools and devices, measuring machines and production aids. Only a few clicks in EXAPTbmo and you always get a well-sorted overview of your entire manufacturing facilities. Whichever inventory system you favorite EXAPT unifies all systems in one database.

Many EXAPT customers benefit already today from EXAPTbmo
and were able to optimize their production services and make them
more profitable. Convince yourself about the long-standing EXAPT
experience and make your production more profitable.

Further details can be found in our EXAPTcontrol brochure!