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Digital Twin

The „Digital Twin“ becomes an important competitive advantage

The production of a steadily increasing product variety requires nowadays more flexible shopfloors, where adaptations of the production facilities to partially individual customer needs can be put into practice. Thereby required single part and small series increasingly shift the costs for manufacturing planning and production clearly towards NC programming and run-in processes. A productivity enhancement particularly in these critical sectors of order processing however leads to an enhanced risk during production. The capability to secure, evaluate and optimize machining operations in the stage of manufacturing planning economically consequently becomes an important competitive advantage.
In this context the "Digital Twin" increasingly gains in importance. A digital twin is a digitalized copy of a product to be created, where a variety of parameters and properties can be regarded. The evaluation of these properties has the potential to improve processes and sequences during product development. Within production planning e. g. targeted optimizations of manufacturing processes are possible including component properties. Time-consuming, iterative optimization loops can be reduced or even completely avoided on shopfloor level this way.
Basic requirements to build the digital twin are high-precision copies of the resources provided for production and real-time capable simulation models for the calculation of the expected product parameters and product properties. But please note that this digital process of change has to be understood as evolution and not as revolution and therefore can be put into industrial practice successively.


Der digitale Zwilling

EXAPT – the target achievement laboratory for the digital twin

With EXAPT software solutions the demonstrated potentials can also be developed for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Beside the basic elements for turning, drilling and milling you can also use enhanced technologies as EXAPT machine simulation or EXAPT collision control with our software to simulate your CAM program as production-related as possible.

With the EXAPT system you can create a simulation with the entire machine. With the prepared machine model you achieve a production-related simulation of the machine room. Elective fading-in and out of machine components enables an insight into usually concealed areas.

With the extension EXAPTsimulation/view you reduce the set-up and run-in times of your production. During machine set-up the operator can simulate the planned processing sequence close to the machine. Convince yourself and benefit soon from the advantages of the EXAPT software to bring your digital twin to life.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Production-related machine simulation
  • High-precision simulation of material removal
  • Reduction of set-up and run-in times
  • Presentation of control behaviour
  • Modular structure and implementation step by step…