EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH
EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH

EXAPTsolid - doping for every machine

The high performer for NC-programming

EXAPTsolid is one of the most powerful CAM systems on the market. Comprehensive selection of technologies, algorithms and machining strategies makes every kind of programming a daily highlight.

Also in the selection of the machines to be programmed there are no limits. Lathes with two spindles, two turrets and one milling spindle are as much a part of everyday life as complex boring mills or portal milling machines with several parallel axes and countless additional units.

The CAM system for experts - Reduce programming time and steps with the fully automatic feature recognition. The 3D CAM system EXAPTsolid provides you with all production-relevant information at the push of a button from your 3D model. Bundled with modern machining objects such as the HPC and HSC milling strategy or a 3-5-axis freeform surface machining, you get the NC blocks of superlatives.

Of course, your programmers are always supported by the most modern machining strategies, which we develop together with various universities and machine manufacturers, tool suppliers and of course with our customers.
An absolute unique feature of EXAPTsolid is its technology database. With its Help, you can store both simple and complicated machining strategies in a standardized way. These are then automatically saved with your geometries.
linked. This feature alone reduces your programming time many times over. EXAPTsolid is a true professional CAM system, which increases the productivity of your machine tools enormously and raises your "Way 2 Profit" to a new level.


  • Versatile processing of top-quality file formats
    e.g. STEP, Parasolid, CATIA, ProE/Creo, Inventor, SolidEdge and many more.
  • Automatic tool path generation
  • High-End Volume Cutting up to 5-axis simultaneous
  • 3-5 axis simultaneous machining
  • Multi-channel lathes Programming
  • Modern machining strategies (HPC, HSC, etc.)
  • Continuous change programming
  • Continuous material removal and raw part updating
  • Intelligent knowledge database for standardized programming
  • Machine-oriented CAM programming system with high-end simulation

All details of the EXAPT 3D CAM system at a glance!

Further details can be found in our EXAPTcam brochure!